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Unlock "group power" with Carillion & Microsoft Surface Hub. Installation and Support.

With today's focus on collaboration, making the most of talent, liberating ideas, teamwork and staff productivity, Microsoft Surface Hub is the ultimate collaboration tool.

Start meetings in a split second, involve colleagues, partners or suppliers from other offices, UK-wide or anywhere in the world. Microsoft Surface Hub knows no regional boundaries. Plus, you can use the digital tools of your choice to work on and annotate projects.

When the meeting's over and everyone's happy, all participants can take away a copy of the outputs so the team and meeting participants share one version of the truth.

For years, companies and organisations of all types have talked about the importance of collaboration and teamwork. Microsoft Surface Hub provides the simplest, most powerful way to "unlock the power of the group" and let people work in the way that is most natural to them. Here is a collaboration technology that adapts to your way of doing things; no need for training or technical expertise. Anyone can touch and go!

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