Carillion is delighted to announce the arrival of the new Surface Hub 2S 85”

Microsoft designed the first Surface Hub to connect teams dispersed across buildings and time zones with a new, more intuitive and inclusive way to hold meetings, share content and work together. With the changes in our work landscape and more people working remotely, now more than ever businesses are looking for technology that helps recreate the energy and connection we feel when we’re in a room together.

In these last six months of remote work, we’ve seen our customers transform how they use Surface Hub across a range of industries.

As many parts of the world move back to the office or plan for new hybrid and satellite work environments, Surface Hub will ease that transition. One benefit to a larger screen that Hub provides is that it can help implement social distancing for people to stay six feet apart while working together.

We’re pleased to share these important announcements for Surface Hub 2S 85”

Pre-sales reservations for Surface Hub 2S 85”

Businesses can make pre-sales reservations for Surface Hub 2S 85” with availability from January 2021.

Bring the full Windows 10 desktop experience to Surface Hub 2S

For the first time, you can run the same Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise on Surface Hub to gain the familiar experience and features you enjoy on your PC, like taskbar, Start menu, applications and more on a brilliant large screen.

Introducing the Windows 10 Team 2020 Update

Coming in October, this update addresses customer requests and brings new features to help customers configure, manage and collaborate on their first generation and second-generation Surface Hub 2S devices.

Bigger, better and brighter

This new, larger size Surface Hub 2S 85” represents the culmination of years of listening to our customers to better understand their needs.

To help customers bring people, place and technology together, we collaborated with our partners at Steelcase to co-design a series of mount solutions. Steelcase Roam for the Surface Hub 2S 85” brings a floating wall mount for perfect integration, a floor supported wall mount for easy install, and a mobile cart that provides flexibility and re-configurability for any space.

At more than 85” we have brought customers a larger screen in a smaller chassis than the previous version, with bezels that are 45% smaller, a display that is 20% thinner, and 30% lighter in weight than its predecessor. The fit and finish of the product delivers a level of quality that cannot be found elsewhere.

Surface Hub 2S 85”

Collaboration on a Massive Scale

Frank Buchholz - Microsoft

I’m personally thrilled to see the public announcement of the Surface Hub 2S 85” because it has shared space with me since word of COVID-19 struck the USA. I talked the Surface Engineering team into letting me borrow a device so I could attempt some demos in my satellite office location.

What impresses me most about the Surface Hub 2S 85” is the craftsmanship and attention to detail through-out the device. The form, fit, and finish of the materials, even on the early prototype I’ve been using, is built with fine precision. This is a product that will truly become the cornerstone to any collaborative environment.

Since those early days in March, I’ve been sharing remote presentations, a few times a week, to customers under NDA, explaining the capabilities and technical details inside the largest Surface device we’ve ever made. The device is a true joy to use. It starts with the ability to clearly see co-workers and customers in Microsoft Teams Gallery View where the 85” capitalizes on its size to show people simply in a larger form. From here we can also open the Microsoft Whiteboard and brainstorm with co-workers across the globe while interacting with them across audio and video feeds. The Surface Hub 2S 85” delivers on the idea of remote and in-person collaboration in a truly massive scale.

Carillion Communications | Teamwork anywhere
Carillion Communications | Teamwork anywhere

Empower teams to collaborate whenever and wherever their ideas strike. Surface Hub 2S is thin and lightweight, and enables mobile, cordless, uninterrupted teamwork. Turn any space into a teamwork space.

Be seen, be heard, and actively participate in the group discussion with best-in-class technology. Remote meetings and ad-hoc calls run seamlessly with Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business.