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Collaborative teaching and learning

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is the revolutionary technology solution that education’s digital age has been waiting for.


It’s a collaboration (sharing) device that unleashes the power of collective learning. Surface Hib 2 removes educational limits and offers valuable education to all, whenever they want and wherever they are.

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This video shows the fun and practical capabilities the Surface Hub 2 can bring to your business

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Microsoft Schools and Microsoft Showcase Schools are a global community of schools engaged in education transformation to improve student learning outcomes.

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Interactive virtual learning

Is a virtual classroom or lecture theatre really necessary. After all, trainers, educators and instructors can record session’s online – static webinars or downloads. But this is not real-time – students cannot interact and collaborate with a download. Students don’t enjoy a static learning experience. In order to keep students and staff, whether in a classroom or workplace, engaged in their studies and new information, it’s imperative to keep them involved and interacting with each other and their teacher/trainer. This is something that sets Surface Hub 2 apart.

Surface Hub 2 combines video conferencing, collaboration, digital whiteboard capabilities and presentations in one mobile solutions, allowing trainers, teachers and instructors to present while connecting with their audience in real time.

A platform for free thinking, creativity & sharing ideas

Surface Hub 2 is a new technology solution that supports creative learning in a collaborative environment from any location. You can also implement a virtual classroom, maximising scarce teaching/training resources and engage with remote students and trainers.

Surface Hub 2S Built for team collaboration in the modern workplace

Teach across multiple locations

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 allows you to connect multiple locations simultaneously. This is greatly beneficial to educational facilities that have various locations or remote teachers, trainers and students. Enabling individuals and small or large groups to work together in real-time.

Wherever your team goes even in mid brainstorm  Surface Hub 2S goes too

Engage the very best trainers and speakers

As a teacher or trainer, some of the best training resources and speakers aren’t always national, let alone local. Without Surface Hub 2, the only option to collaborate with a trainer/teacher that isn’t local would be to upfront a large cost to cover travel and accommodations. This is an overhead many facilities and educational establishments simply don’t have available to them.

Surface Hub’s unique ability to connect and interact directly from three different locations also increases options for collaboration, which can result in big savings as well.

Learning is now an experience

In addition to the learning perspective, Surface Hubs makes it easy for trainers, teachers and instructors to effectively distribute, collect and collaborate educational material. The efficiency and effectiveness of Surface Hub 2 empowers not only a virtual classroom but also your teachers and students improving learning productivity as a whole.

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Highly effective learning spaces across your school, college or university - including better support for higher-value learning and smarter digital communications for your students.

With Surface Hub 2 your learning spaces can be wherever you want – in the science lab, language rooms, group meeting halls or even outside.

Technology that engages your large classes and events, increasing the effectiveness of your curriculum and communications.

Today’s classrooms are ever-evolving to keep pace with students constantly looking to collaborate in new and exciting ways. We can help keep your school, college or university technology for education up to date – as students thrive on new technology Surface Hub 2 enables you to keep ahead of the digital education curve.

Surface Hub 2 saves schools money and gives teachers back more of their day.

Surface Hub 2 is a fabulous solution to ensure quality learning in a collaborative environment from any location is to implement a virtual classroom. Maximising teaching/training resources – and engage with remote students and trainers.

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