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Get hands-on with the Surface Hub at your office so you and your team get a real sense of the capabilities of this new presentation and conferencing powerhouse. To book a visit or join a Showcase event. simply complete the form at the bottom of this page.

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Find Carillion at events or book Showcase

The Surface Hub has so many appllications in so many industries, Carillion showcases the Surface Hub at specialist shows around Europe.

You can see us in action at events such as Security & Counter Terror Expo in London and the International Paris Air Show.

Or ask about our 2018 schedule and join us at the Microsoft offices in Paddington, London, to explore this amazing presentation and conferencing collaboration device.

The way we work is changing

Some of the most productive work happens when you make the most of the collective knowledge and skills of a group. Apps come alive; remote training is far more effective.

Collaboration isn’t limited to meetings; a brainstorm can happen anywhere, any time, with a single tap. Manufacturers, designers, trainers, finance directors, product developers are all singing the praises of the Surface Hub. The 55" and 84" Hub both create a true 'wow' factor in a room.

Make meetings engaging

Many people consider meetings the biggest waste of time in their work week! It takes too long to start a meeting (12 minutes on average) with time wasted trying to get complex technology to work.

MS Surface Hub enables workers to walk up and start a meeting instantly - whether scheduled or ad hoc. With a single tap, you can join the meeting with no need to log in or connect any equipment. The screen is automatically shared so remote users are seeing the same content, unlike most video conferencing sessions where they can’t see the whiteboard.

MS Surface Hub also makes sharing content easier. Users can display and interact with multiple items side-by-side, so everyone can share ideas to help drive the discussion.

Carillion Communications - Your Expert Partner

Carillion Communications is an AV and collaboration specialist that helps companies find and install solutions that help them achieve more for their businesses. Let Carillion help you make MS Surface Hub selection totally trouble free.

  • Suitable for any space
  • Anyone can use the system
  • Connect to any input
  • Scale with your enterprise

How to find MS office, London

Microsoft is located to the north of Paddington train station at number 2 Kingdom Street. Directions to the Microsoft offices

To book a demonstration at your office or attend a future Showcase event, please complete the form and we will send you further information.