How the right technology can
jumpstart your workplace

No matter your industry, a radical transformation is happening in the workplace, and the pressure to adapt is relentless. The issues companies face are becoming more complex, workers are increasingly nomadic, and collaboration a higher priority.

Close the gap and sharpen your competitive edge by staying ahead of these 3 agents of change


Solving complexity

Innovation has never been more pivotal to solving the complexities facing organizations. Breakthroughs don’t happen in silos; they happen when teams are face-to-face with the challenges confronting the company and its customers.

In a survey of the top 1,300 global CEOs charged with navigating the complexities of transformation more than 70% cited ‘rapid pace of tech changes’ as their biggest challenge.

These same respondents ranked problem-solving as the most important skill for their workforce, indicating that innovation starts with involving and fostering people’s creativity not simply from top-down policy.

According to: “20th Annual Global CEO Survey,” 2017, PwC


of the top 1,300
global CEOs cited
‘rapid pace of
tech changes’
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Engaging nomadic workers

Today’s workers crave more versatile, personalized tools to maintain their workflow from anywhere, jumpstart their creativity, and stay highly engaged in their tasks.

43% of the global workforce with be mobile in 2022 - According to “Global Mobile Workforce Forecast Update 2016-2022,” 2016, Strategy Analytics.

As the workforce changes, businesses must change with it. Millennials, mobility, and meaningful connection are shaping the new workforce. A successful digital transformation strategy places people at the centre, enabling them to work in the way that makes them most productive.


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Shifting from “me” to “we”

The process of work has fundamentally shifted from linear and individual to iterative and creative collaboration. Unlock collaboration to fuel productivity.

Surface Hub 2

By 2018, 2/3 of the Global 2000 CEOs will have digital transformation at the heart of their strategy

According to: “IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Digital Transformation,” 2016, IDC

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However 46% of executives believe their employees have the tools they need to deal with distractions while working outside the office–– yet only 32% of employees agree.

Prioritizing worker collaboration is good both for business returns and employee motivation––but effectively shifting from “me” to “we” requires tools that make working together seamless from anywhere.

As workplace complexity, mobility, and collaboration grow, organizations must use these sparks to jump-start transformation. Ignite your workforce’s true creative potential, and build valuable interaction with your customers through tools that help them collaborate and create.

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