Using Apps on the Surface Hub infinite
canvas makes presenting a pleasure

Apps take on a whole new life on Surface Hub screens. You can collaborate with other participants and lasso, re-arrange, annotate and share content, all on an infinite canvas. Microsoft Teams (Skype for Business) video conferencing makes arranging meetings and inviting attendees as simple as it can possibly be.

Apps compatible with Surface Hub 2S include: JT2Go, Power BI, 3D Classroom, Fluid Math, Buzz Radar, Project Virbeya, tuServ, Portal Mindmap, Techsmith Loop, Stormboard and SharpCloud, as well as CAD programme outputs and popular everyday programmes such as Adobe Acrobat and PDF outputs.

Microsoft OneNote allows users to draw on the screen. Files can be shared easily with anyone who uses OneNote, including users with smartphones, tablets or laptops on any operating system, including

Windows 10 Mobile and iOS. Microsoft Office applications can also be used, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel.

The Hub 2S specializes in 3 main themes: talking, drawing and sharing. The Hub 2S welcome screen has three buttons:
Call, Whiteboard and Connect. Each of these functions can be used individually or simultaneously.

Check out these apps

Portal Mindmap

Headcandy App

This brand-new application by Headcandy supports creative brainstorm sessions as a fully functional digital mindmapping tool. By drawing connection and links between specific topics, users can visualize and associate. Headcandy’s Mindmap Portal is the perfect way to awe your customers during brainstorms and, at the same time, being as productive as possible in this digital age.

This innovative concept allows boardroom-wide brainstorm sessions to take place on a central touch display where everybody can participate from their seat. The intuitive interface allows participants to add topics, interconnect these topics and support them with imagery on the spot.

It features integrated search functionalities for effective image search and all the interactions possible with a Microsoft Surface Hub, like zooming, dragging swiping. Resulting creations can be saved in the cloud or emailed at the touch of a button. Furthermore, this application makes perfect use of its digital aspects by connecting external devices like smartphones seamlessly, enabling all participants in a session to add input like text and imagery from their seat, creating a truly immersive and cooperative experience.

Afterwards, all participants will be sent an email containing the result of a fruitful brainstorm session.

Headcandy App
JT2Go App

3D JT data viewing

JT2Go App

JT2Go is the industry leader for viewing 3D JT data on mobile and desktop devices. Siemens PLM provides JT2Go free of charge. JT data can be generated from nearly all the major CAD/CAM/CAE tools available in industry today. Using lightweight JT models detailed descriptions of 3D content can be shared throughout your enterprise.

JT files can contain geometric definitions of individual 3D Models and Assemblies as well as dimensions, model properties and arrangements of Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) know as Model Views. With JT2Go users can navigate product structure trees, view predefined model views and interrogate model properties.

Mural App

MURAL is a subscription-based visual workspace that helps remote teams collaborate.

The digital whiteboards empower modern teams and individuals to visually explore complex challenges and collaborate across time zones and locations. Based in the cloud, MURAL enables you to research, brainstorm and design ideas that deliver better experiences in less time, no matter where you are in the world. You get access to large, shared canvases designed to help you and your peers map content, share inspiration and define solutions.

MURAL isn’t just for designers. It’s for creatives, developers, managers, project leaders and educators who need a secure, visual workspace to exchange ideas. See how others are using MURAL to increase creativity and scale innovation through lean, agile and design thinking methods.

mural App
Surface Hub 2 Video

This video shows the fun and practical capabilities the Surface Hub 2 can bring to your faculty

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Take advantage of a Hub 2 demo from Carillion’s team of experts. Book a time in one of our regional offices or at your office, anywhere in the UK or Europe.

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